三星:大马Note 7用户月底才能换机

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【TechDaily电子报2016年9月11日吉隆坡讯】继三星Note7在美国爆炸并烧掉一辆车之后,三星大马公司今天发布紧急新闻文告,促请Note 7用户赶快换机!

不过,即使是已登记要求换机者,最快也要等本月底,即是9月29日才能开始进行换机计划。这意味着Note 7用户还要等候三个星期,才能换到新机。

由于等候时间太久,不少Note 7用户怒火冲天,纷纷到三星Facebook粉丝网页炮轰有关方面处理不当。



继韩国和澳洲先后暂停销售Galaxy Note 7之后,大马三星9月2日宣布配合全球召回计划停售受影响Note 7,已购买Note 7的用户将提供免费更换,但当时并没有给出确定时间表,随后才公布从9月29日起开始换机。

在此之前,三星指出,在调查中发现爆炸事件是由于故障电池所导致,截至9月1日为止,全球已售出的100万部中仅发现了35例含有问题电池的Galaxy Note 7设备。


三星在今天新闻文告中指出:“在一周以前,基于电池课题,三星电子采用预防性措施宣布一项Galaxy Note7全球换机计划。在这之后,我们已致力加快产品的出货以满足这项换机计划所需,以减低为客户带来任何不便。”

“在马来西亚,拥有Galaxy Note7的客户可从9月29日起更换一部新机。用户受促联络三星马来西亚客服热线电话1-800-88-7799寻求进一步援助。


Samsung Urges Galaxy Note7 Users to Immediately Participate in the Replacement Program

Just over a week ago, Samsung Electronics announced a global replacement program for the Galaxy Note7 as a precautionary measure due to a battery cell issue.  Since then, we have been working hard to expedite product shipments in order to fulfill that exchange program and reduce any inconvenience for our customers. 

During the past week, we understand that there are concerns from our customers and we wish to emphasize the importance of exchanging the product. 

“Our number one priority is the safety of our customers. We are asking users to power down their Galaxy Note7s and exchange them as soon as possible,” says DJ Koh, President of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. “We are expediting replacement devices so that they can be provided through the exchange program as conveniently as possible and in compliance with related regulations. We sincerely thank our customers for their understanding and patience.”

Although there have been only a small number of reported incidents, Samsung is taking great care to provide customers with necessary support. Samsung has identified the affected inventory and stopped sales and shipments of those devices. 

We are also collaborating with national regulatory bodies.

In Malaysia, customers who have Galaxy Note7 devices can replace their current device with a new device beginning 29 September 2016 onwards. Customers are encouraged to contact the Samsung Malaysia Careline at 1800-88-7799 for further assistance.

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