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 all the fonts at still under the Windows\Fonts.

Only Microsoft Powerpoint  will like that.
When i use Excel and Outlook is totally fine with it.
Microsoft Word have some minor problems. The fonts are missing. only left arial and caribean.

if i log in as administrator account. i will be able to see all the function in powerpoint. everything is fine. 
then i create another user account. then it cant go through already.

  • 提问者:xiaocheng 一级 试用期 2009-09-23 14:23


  • Hei there,

    You can go to go another computer copy the font folder and replace the existing font folder in your computer.
    Normally the font folder will place at C:\Windows\Fonts. Or you can search from internet and download.
  • 回答者:wwc_cheng 一级 试用期 回复时间:2009-09-28 20:12

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